Revigliasco d'Asti Town Hall

Address: Piazza Alfieri, 1, 14010 Revigliasco d'Asti AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 208191
Fax: 0141 208921
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State: Italy

Region: Piedmont

Province: Asti

Coordinates: Lat. 44° 51' 31'' N | Long. 8° 09' 41'' E

Altitude: 203 meters above sea level

Surface area: 8.84 km²

Neighboring municipalities: Antignano, Asti, Celle Enomondo, Isola d'Asti

Postcode: 14010

Dialing code: 0141

ISTAT code: 005090

Land registry code: H250

Seismic classification: zone 4 (very low seismicity)

Climate classification: zone E, 2684 heating degree days

Name of inhabitants: revigliaschesi

Patron saint: S. Anna | July 26th

Distance from Asti: 7 km

• Presentation

Starting from Asti and along the flat road that runs at the foot of the hills and a short distance from the left bank of the Tanaro, we reach, after only 7 km from the provincial capital, to Revigliasco.

After the two hairpin bends of the ascent that leads to the village, we see the village that develops compact on the back of the hill, dominated by the imposing size of the parish church and the elegant and at the same time robust bell tower that rises to its side. Revigliasco is known as “the country of cherries”.

The spectacle that its hills reserve for the visitor, both in the period of flowering and in that of fruit ripening, is truly exceptional.

But Revigliasco is not only the country of cherries: despite the decline in agriculture, there are still companies that produce fine wines from vineyards located in areas particularly suited - since ancient times - to viticulture.
In addition to agricultural production and beautiful landscapes, the country also reserves visitors other historical, architectural and artistic surprises.

In the garden of the town hall, civil weddings are celebrated.


• Municipal palace

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